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2010 Xfest

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Audience Feedback

We asked audience members what they thought about Xfest and the performances they attended. This is what they said…

"Xfest has been all the chat on Facebook. I have seen so many posts about everything going on! It really looks like an exciting event. I hope you can continue to produce exciting events like this in the future!""

"How wonderful for the Department of Theater and Dance, Arts & Issues and the University to be willing to fund, promote and produce such an innovative, culturally enriching project for SIUE and the surrounding community. I hope this very first Xfest will be the forerunner of many more to come."

"For me, the best part of X-Fest was the networking experience. With professional, original theatre-creating companies here from all over the country, the number of contacts we (the students) made over the week was incredible. I now know several working professionals in Chicago, New York, and Seattle. And in the theatre industry, contacts are what can make or break a career."

Zen Tales
UMO Ensemble
"UMO was great. I love small ensembles, their minimalist portrayals and their ability to do so much with so little…bring more of these performances to SIUE!"

"We enjoyed Zen Tales immensely. Funny, athletic, thought provoking. Thanks for bringing them in."

"Unique, original, refreshing."

[ ]
Red Metal Mailbox
"That was so beautiful!"

"Love it!"

"I admit, I came with some trepidation; 'experimental theater' has been parodied more than shared in our culture. And yet, like a scientific experiment, it's not really experimental if you know the results in advance, is it? [ ] worked for me on every level. The opening scene, with the actor plastered against the door, struck me as a communication directly between the writer to myself: 'I am going to talk to you in body language.' The discussion afterwards was a marvelous addition to the experience. I understand from the discussion that the final 'product' was a collaboration of designers, dramaturge and actors; without the discussion, though, I would not have known, because the communication from stage-to-audience felt unified and consistent. You've certainly made a fan of Red Metal Mailbox. Since I may never have another opportunity to see this company, you have also made a fan of experimental theater. Bravo!"

Whammy! Seven Secrets to a Sane Self
Theatre 310b

"The show was very good. It captured my attention from the beginning and never let it go."

"All the shows were fine products of a variety of 'experimental approaches to theatre, and I must say that the SIUE production did more than just hold its own with the professional companies, in terms of audience appreciation and talent."

The Medicine Show
The Flying Carpet Theatre Co.
"I really enjoyed the entire show. All of the actors were wonderful!"

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