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2011 Xfest

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2011 Audience Feedback

We asked audience members what they thought about Xfest and the performances they attended. This is what they said…

Jeremy Sher - Crow

"Excellent! Jeremy Sher is amazing"
"It was very creative and good"
"Crow with Jeremy Sher was great! Exceptionally entertaining. It was sprinkled with humor, but at the same time exhibited tons of emotion."

Theater Simple - 52 Pick Up

"Liked it. Super fun."
"Very entertaining"
"Loved it."

Loco7 - In Retrospect

"I found it interesting. I was not sure what to expect."
"It was great - very interesting and thought-provoking. The dance and the marionettes were wonderful and so creative. Wow!"

Theatre 310B, This is not Funny.

"Loved it! Hilarious! Anna is amazing."

500 Clown, 500 Clown Frankenstein

"Fantabulous! Amazing, funny, adventurous."
"Great! Let's see more."
"It was wonderful."
"It was awesome."
"Great performance."
" Really well-acted, funny performance"
"Fabulous, bravo! Love the interaction with the audience."
"Outstanding and hilarious."
"Exciting, entertaining---physicality was phenomenal. I laughed, I cried - it was better than 'Cats'"
"Most entertaining! Enjoyed the talented performers"
" Excellent! Science!
"Fantabulous! 500 Clown was the real deal! They brought conceptual richness and raw physical comedy and awakened parts of me that have been asleep."

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