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2012 Xfest

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2012 Audience Feedback

Edwardsville: The Opera

"a funny frank and sometimes sentimental ode…a multimedia extravaganza of music, song, dance and video."
-Albany Sunday Gazette

"noisy, colorful, funny, outrageous"
-Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"a quirky, playful, music and image-driven piece of performance art that offers a non-traditional view of a place that you thought you knew"

"a healthy dose of civic celebration with a friendly roast of hometown pride…uplifting and completely over-the-top"
-Times Union

Violators Will Be Violated

Winner of the 2009 Los Angeles Weekly Award for Best Solo Performance and Top Ten Shows of 2009!

"Casey Smith has a manic energy verging on lunacy, but his pantomimes are actually incredibly precise, set to a soundtrack any rock fan would appreciate… anyone who can laugh at clowns dying, bleeding, barfing, or farting should have a wild ride." - Carissa Cordes,

"Smith is insane...Nobody with an iota of self-restraint or self-respect would put on a show like this...This is Smith's answer to Michelangelo's David, an homage to our times, as puerile and self-absorbed as we are. I loved every minute of it." -Steven Leigh Morris, LAWeekly

"With all the grace of a drunken maniac... outright hilarious...words are secondary to humor, while suicide and deprivation are indispensable." -David Jette, LA Theatre Review

Grim and Fischer (a deathly comedy in full-face mask)

"You will laugh, you will cry, you will stand in awe…" Edmonton Sun

"Grim and Fischer is utter magic." CBC Manitoba

"…uproariously entertaining." Uptown Winnipeg

Would You Still Be You? (A Puppet Theatre Piece)
"…watching the interaction between the puppet/objects and the puppeteers was as wonderful as watching a dance…their smooth manipulation and coordination bring the story to life." Performing Arts Review (Taiwan)

"Luis Alberto Tentindo, a compelling dancer, performs his Primage with tentative softness, rearranging his lean body as if rehearsing brain surgery. Its disappointing when music joins him, so gripping are his own rhythms." The Village Voice

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