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2013 Xfest

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2013 Audience Feedback



"…Beautiful and powerful… every one of these moments is an eloquent comment on the human experience…distills drama into movement so that complex conflicting emotion is expressed without words…poetry in motion." 
-danceviewtimes, review of The Water Station

"…Haunting and revelatory…breathtaking imagery…if there is a particular strength to this company it is finding inner connections through physical means…" 
-Theatre Journal, review of Gravity


Chicago Dance Crash: Selected Works

"Like a Synergy drink or a Kombucha, Chicago Dance Crash is a pure mix of unadulterated, raw ingredients: a potent surprise upon first taste, and deliciously smooth by drinks end. It's not about additives for this crew's natural movers." 
-Matthew De La Pena, Timeout Chicago Magazine, Review of 2012 Fall Concert

"…I've seldom seen a dance-theatre piece so effectively, authoritatively blend story and movement… The movement, drawing on an array of forms from capoeira and other martial arts to acrobatics to stage combat to modern dance, gives the performance an apocalyptic thrill…" 
-Laura Molzahn, Chicago Reader, Review of Tribulation and the Demolition Squad

"The Chicago Dance Crash provides a gutsy, rip-roaring extravaganza with 'Gotham City,' a full-length dance assault pulsing with fun, energy, great pop dancing and in-your-face acrobatics." 
-Sid Smith, Chicago Tribune, Review of Gotham City



"It's beautiful, heart-wrenching and incredibly moving - storytelling at its finest and simplest." 
-Kerry Ryan, Community News Commons

"Wonderheads has a sharp instinct for the humour potential in pathos...It's a simple, classic underdog story, the rediscovery of the sense of possibility. And it's told with beautiful physicality." 
-Liz Nicholls, Edmonton Journal

LOON is flat-out wonderful, and it's all done without a single word." 
-Aidan Morgan, Prairie Dog Magazine

"This is a show the likes of which you won't see anywhere else, and will remember for a long while." 
-Justin McElroy, Vancouver Sun


Exit Disclaimer: Science and Fiction Ahead

"Touches of humor-physical and verbal-leaven weighty subject matters, as does deeply felt, beautifully crafted dancing that draws heavily from the familiar periphery of the psyche. The Seldoms have brought us touching and thought-provoking reflections on we human creatures, capable of great destruction, great foolishness and great beauty." 
New CityExit Disclaimer named "Best of Local Dance"

"Chicago choreographer Carrie Hanson has it all: a probing mind, a social conscience, and a gift for pared-down, abstract dancemaking that nevertheless tells a story." 
Dance Magazine, Carrie Hanson named one of 2012's "25 to Watch"

"… Stupormarket succeeds at bringing a situation we regard with anger, frustration and fatigue a fresh new perspective. There's no shortage of editorials bemoaning our financial future, but this one has its sleeves rolled up, bearing ideas that actually help." 
-Zachary Whittenberg, TimeOut Chicago, Review of Stupormarket

"Performed by her expressive dancers, Hanson's choreography cuts, as usual, like a well-honed knife." 
-Laura Molzahn, Chicago Reader, Review of Exit Disclaimer


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