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Xfest 2017 Performances


Oedipus Apparatus

Equally Represented Arts

Equally Represented Arts, St. Louis
Tuesday, Sept. 12, 7:30 p.m. 
Metcalf Theatre

Sponsored by the SIUE Department of Theatre and Dance

ERA returns to Xfest!  Drawn from Sophocles’ Oedipus the King and create by the ensemble, Oedipus Apparatus is Lucy Cashion’s latest shakeup of the Classics.   The play takes place in Thebes, the gods' earthly manufacturing headquarters of all machines of life and death. The TV show takes place in Delphi, where oracles and gods gossip about earthly people, draft plans for their mortal apparatuses, and answer phone calls from their viewers. The story is the same one we live every day: a futile struggle to interfere with the outcome. 

Critical Praise for Equally Represented Arts

“Cashion explores Greek fatalism at the heart of the ancient tragedy. But this smart, no-toga production presents it in radically fresh terms. Cashion combines a modernized translation of Sophocles with a TV talk show featuring gods and oracles, a Buddhist nun’s meditations on death and — best of all — physics lessons, derived from an ancient text attributed to Aristotle.”

- St. Louis Post-Dispatch


“Oedipus Apparatus delves into mythology and death -- what it means to humans to ponder their existence and how they feel about that final moment -- in heady fashion. In a clever twist, the fact Oedipus consciously tried to avoid his fate and is therefore blind to the truth before him is replayed and examined from differing perspectives until clarity is, presumably, achieved… mixing philosophy, science, and mathematics with questionably sourced history and a televised talk show it is wickedly fabulous entertainment. 

- KDHX radio


Post Traumatic Super Delightful

Antonia LassarAntonia Lassar
Wednesday, Sept. 13, 7:30 p.m.
Metcalf Theater

Sponsored by the SIUE College of Arts and Sciences, Visiting Scholar Initiative

Can there be laughter in the healing process? The lives of survivors, perpetrators, and bystanders weave together in a wickedly funny and piercingly insightful one-woman show about a community trying to heal after a sexual assault. In Post Traumatic Super Delightful (PTSD), the personal is political, the political is personal. And the person is a clown.

Critical Praise for Antonia Lassar

“There’s a particular delicacy to matching humour with the seriousness of sexual assault, part of which involves a great deal of empathy on the playwright’s part, the other part being liberal amounts of flatulence…You’ll be amazed how it stays with you.”

Edmonton Journal


PTSD is singularly successful in creating a profoundly therapeutic and empowering theatrical experience that evokes laughter, sympathy, and healing – all within the span of 60 minutes …The key to the show’s success lies in the kind of laughter that the show inspires. The humor of PTSD is rooted in identification with the genuine honesty and unrelenting humanity of the show’s four characters … All four of the unnervingly realistic characters are performed with clearly distinct voices and personalities by the playwright, Antonia Lassar.”
– Steve Schonberg of Center on the Aisle


Do What You Love

The ColdhartsNaked Empire Bouffon Company, San Francisco
Thursday, Sept. 14, 7:30 p.m.
Metcalf Theater

Sponsored by the SIUE College of Arts and Sciences Visiting Artist Initiative

If you believe doing what you love is the summit of success, then you're invited to relive the legendary ascent of wildly-successful and completely-dead entrepreneur, Scott Dinsmore. Amy is your shamelessly misshapen guide who uses puppetry, storytelling, lip sync, and catastrophic mime to help you laugh your way up that mountain. The latest satire from pioneering bouffon company, Naked Empire, Do What You Love ruthlessly celebrates your climb to the peak of prosperity. (Please note: This production contains graphic adult language and is not suitable for children.)

Critical Praise for Naked Empire Bouffon Company

"Nathaniel Justiniano is a Bay Area comic treasure, with elastic physicality, impeccable timing and contagious silliness."

- San Francisco Chronicle

"Do What You Love is the best thing you can see in this town right now, maybe all year. I came out of the show gasping, really gasping, at Natty's virtuosic dismembering of the new American dream. Brutal, tasteless, and, ironically, a work of love."

- Philip Huang, Bay Area Critic




Sidra Bell New YorkSidra Bell Dance New York
Friday, Sept. 15, 7:30 p.m.
Dunham Hall Theatre

Spondsored by the SIUE College of Arts and Sciences, Arts & Issues series

Stella is a series of dramatically theatrical scenes which explore ideas of the self, private space, consent, voyeurism, hero worship, and participation: dark and probing, fantastical and romantic, the work demands both physical power and tender expressiveness from Bell’s crack ensemble of fearless and technically honed dancers.

Critical Praise for Sidra Bell Dance New York

“Bell has a lot working in her favor: powerful daredevil dancers and almost garish imagination capable of dreaming up surreal scenarios…a slick in-your-face intensity dominates her onstage worlds.”

- New York Times

“Bell’s dance-theater works are intensely physical, concentrated and mysterious – yet they reveal the inner aspects of the performers with startling clarity.”

- Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"In Stella, fantasy morphs into the grotesque and the grotesque breeds fantasy. The androgynous dancers spew a highly kinetic and gestural movement language, with their capable bodies and overtly cirque-like prowess, at warp speed to a beat I hoped the DJ wouldn’t stop. The jaw-dropping solos and duets reminiscent of the famous ‘walks’ at a vogue ball (aka Paris is Burning), stunning ballet technique, the ecstasy of all-night clubbing felt through the 4th wall, and the dread of the inevitable morning or end to the show came together in a seemingly unreal and jam-packed hour of dance."

- DIY Dancer 

Xfest is made possible through the generous support of the Office of the Provost, College of Arts & Sciences, the Department of Theater and Dance and audiences like you. 

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